Dog training

Me, my sister have recently gotten a border collie puppy named Pixel. He is the 3rd member of "The 3 Musketeers".     He needs training and care We have been training him tricks such as catch, fetch, Lay down, roll over and more as well as the basics such as puppy biting, potty training ,his name and manners.  He is turning out to be a great dog, but in the beginning we had trouble understanding him and we made many mistakes in the time of 4 months.  We have started a youtube channel to help you not make those mistakes and to teach your dog tricks and basics.      😁 The link to our youtube channel will be below↓😁.

Water Bottle Bird feeder

Everyone loves bird feeders, right? It makes you happy you happy that you're giving the birds food and the birds are happy that they are getting food.

Homemade chocolate smoothie ( no sugar)